Donkeys in Panties

An astonishing encounter to the delight of children and adults alike!

From April to All Saints’ Day, during the holidays and on weekends, come and meet the donkeys on the Île de Ré. With their big ears, their dread locks and their pants, they are the stars of Saint-Martin-de-Ré.

Their owner and breeder, Régis Léau, has made these animals with their strong character his passion.

The “donkeys in pants” of the Ile de Ré amuse children and adults alike. How many know, however, that this disguise evokes a very ancient tradition!

Donkeys appeared on the island in the 19th century to transport salt. To protect them from the mosquito bites that annoyed them, the Retais peasants had the idea of ​​putting pants on them.

Today, these donkeys in pants are one of the main elements of Ré folklore.

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