“Biology of behavior” training

What is it about ?
This concept of health and the processes that lead to illness comes from ethology (the science of observing living things in their natural environment) and the scientific observations of several doctors.
Both very elaborate and very simple, this approach can be followed by anyone trained or not in biology.

Doctor Françoise Thomas  is a facilitator of courses relating to natural health and faithful to the concept of disease prevention through information and teaching of the basic principles which govern health and disease.

What is the objective of this training?
It comes in 4 steps

  1. Carry out real disease prevention through information
  2. Give the best chance of recovering from a declared illness by recovering our personal possibilities to modify our life choices
  3. Expand our understanding of the survival behaviors of the living beings that we carry within us and which drive many of our habits and attitudes, without our knowing it.
  4. Drawing on this approach, an art of “living well” in good harmony with our different personality components.

Feeling unified, joyful and alive.

An overview of what awaits you during this training which will take place in 2 periods at Clos Rhéa
4 days in November 2023 and 4 days in March 2024

Detailed but fun study of the functioning of our brain in the processes and situations we experience in everyday life and in emergency situations.
It is always fascinating to see our usual reality from another angle of view, and to realize that we had always had this information before our eyes without realizing it.

We will review numerous examples of ethology, sometimes comical, sometimes poignant, always astonishing.

We will then understand how certain behaviors can trigger illnesses or at least greatly promote them.

We will be able to discover which behaviors are favorable to health.

  • From Tuesday 14 to Friday 17 November 2023

To expose the basic principles and provide insight into this approach to diseases, which is both original and extremely relevant. Certain illnesses are discussed for illustration purposes and moments of shared reflection are planned.

  • From Monday 11 to Thursday 14 March 2024

To review the musculoskeletal, digestive, endocrine and genital systems, for those who want a precise and very complete vision of this approach.

  • Price €440 per 4-day training session   (meals and accommodation not included)
  • Accommodation offered at Clos Rhéa  Prices for training participants
    In a shared room in a villa (kitchen available) – €35 per person per day
    Independent studio for 2 people – 3 nights €183 or 4 nights €212

Information on training and registration contact Dr Françoise Thomas
0603492374 – fce.thomas@orange.fr

To reserve your accommodation contact Le Clos Rhéa
0546090716 – contact@residence-rhea.fr