Payment by connect holiday vouchers

Discover the connected holiday voucher…

From today at Clos Rhéa you can pay using Chèques Vacances Connect, the electronic and contactless payment method.

Do you want to pay for all or part of your stay using connect holiday vouchers?

It’s very simple, just inform us upon receipt of your contract.

  • You receive an email with a payment request via ANCV Connect.
  • You open your Chèque-Vacances application and follow the instructions.
  • You must then scan a QR code using your application.
  • Finally, you validate your payment using your personal payment code.

> To find out more about this new Holiday Voucher formula

If you have holiday vouchers in paper format you can also convert them to digital format….much simpler to use because you no longer need to send them to us by registered or registered letter.

> Everything is explained in detail on the ANCV holiday vouchers website