La Rochelle Aquarium

In the center of La Rochelle, facing the Old Port, discover one of the largest private aquariums in Europe.

For 2 hours, visit the heart of the oceans and travel to meet more than 12,000 marine animals, to Dream and Understand the Sea.

The rooms and aquariums allow you to observe the fauna and flora of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean, the Pacific, and even the Caribbean. Without forgetting the shark tank, the turtle area or the tropical greenhouse…

From February 2016, dive into a new universe, for a magical journey to the great depths…

Hold your breath, keep your senses alert, immersion in the Gallery of Lights will amaze you.

The plus points of the visit: the audio guide (adults and children) and its anecdotes. So underwater life will no longer have any secrets for you! And for the children in the exhibition, a journey suited to them… to learn like adults.

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